Block making machine

Block making machine

Block Making Machines

Golden Steel Mills has been a famous manufacturer of Pakistan. It has been known due to durability, Good quality and commitment. The Company is known due to high range of installation, consultation and high capacity of engineering department for block making machine.

GSM is manufacturing block making machines from last fifteen years. The concrete machines have always been characterized by their robust construction and their excellent production and profitability qualities. Following their tradition, current equipment also incorporates cutting—edge technologies to achieve high-production concrete machinery with the quality demanded by the construction market and minimal maintenance.

GSM offers a huge range of possibilities for the client, who can choose from a small production plant on site, to fully automated block machine circuits to cover large market areas. In this dynamic, we can offer you all kinds of solutions and machine automation to manufacture blocks that minimize the labor factor.

GSM Professional Services

GSM has vast variety of professional services which includes direction of products and the production and manufacture of machines. We are the best choice just because of our professional ethics. Our services are our pride for our clients and for GSM.

Our Responsibility is our pride

GSM feels pride to have responsibility for safety of block making machines by vast quality engineering services. Our professional team gets to the bottom of every problem in minutes and resolves the issue immediately.

Long Year Experience

GSM have vast experience for the production of block making machine and other equipments. Our Company has award to serve bundle of enterprises. We covered long journey for experiencing in production and manufacturing of block making machines.

Loyal Consultation

GSM is known due to loyal consultation for block making machines. Our professionals listen carefully to our customers and suggest according to their demand and needs. Although, its take time but we are here to provide free consultation to the clients who are interested in block making machines. Our team shows expertise for designing and manufacturing of block making machines.

GSM Presents following Varieties of Block making machines:

The construction business grows more and more demanding every day, making it essential to optimize some processes such as the manufacture of concrete and concrete blocks .

Currently there are a large number of elements for construction produced with cement, water and sand, resulting in high quality products. Some of these are the blocks, the vault, the partition, the adocrete, among others.

These elements called vibro-tablets, are made with a vibro-compactor equipment, commonly known as a blocking machine .

Block Machines

Block machine or vibro-compactor equipment
But do you know what a blocking machine is and how it works? Do you want to know how much does a blocking machine cost?

Well don’t worry, here we are going to solve that and any more doubts you have.

What is a block making machine?

It is a mechanism designed for the manufacture of cement blocks that consist mostly of a vibrating table, a mold with different cavities depending on the size and type of elements that are manufactured, and compacting plates adapted according to the type of mold that is are using.

Block making Machine According to history, the first machines used to make cement blocks were limited to simple metal molds in which the mixture was compacted manually; This method or production formula continued to be used until the 1920s, when the first machines with mechanically actuated hammers began to emerge.

Shortly thereafter, the convenience of compaction achieved by simultaneous vibration and compression was discovered .

Currently, the most modern and efficient partition and vault machines make use of this vibro-compaction system.

Basic components

These teams to make concrete blocks , use different components that help you in the manufacturing process.

As already mentioned above, a blocking machine is mainly built by a vibrating table, a mold and a compactor . But regardless of this, you need a base where you can place the springs that facilitate the transmission of the vibration effect of the motor to the table.

It is also important to mention that it takes a pair of rails and a trolley to move the compactor and it can carry out the filling and compacting of the mixture.

Below is a more detailed image of a block machine with its components:

Blocking Machine Components
Block Machine and its components

How does a blocking machine work?

Very independently of the fact that currently there are different models of blocking machines, the principle of functionality and the phases that it entails are the same, it is for this reason that we will explain below how a block making machine works and the phases involved:

1. Filling the machine feeder carriage

Initially, the machine’s feeding trolley must be filled from the storage hopper with a quantity of mixture that will depend on the size of the mold to be filled.

At the same time, the tray on which the finished products will sit should be placed under the base of the mold.

2. Filling or feeding the Mold

Once the feeding carriage is full and the tray has been placed in its place, it goes to the mold filling phase, where the feeding carriage is agitated by means of a connecting rod-crank mechanism (which is a mechanism that transforms a circular movement into a transnational movement, or vice versa) and the base of the mold is subjected to the first stage of vibrating, benefiting a better filling.

Once the mold filling period has ended, the feed assembly is removed.

3. Compaction / Vibration Mix

Once the mold filling phase is complete, the Compaction / Vibration phase of the mixture begins, where the product is shaped.

At this stage, the mold rammer descends to an already defined height and undergoes the second phase of vibrating the mold base, where for a time interval of approximately 2 to 5 seconds (10 maximum) the elevation is reached. end of the product and the compaction / vibrating stage is concluded.

4. Release
At this stage, the first thing to do is unzip the Tamper and then move the base of the mold upwards generating the mold release.

Since the base has exceeded the height of the products and reaches a defined height, the tray is removed, while at the same time the rammer is moved upwards to its initial location. It is here where the cycle starts again, the base descends again until it comes into contact with the new tray and since it is in position the trolley starts the new filling.

How much does a blocking machine cost?

The price of a blocking machine will totally depend on the components and capacity that it offers.

But if you are looking for a cheap or economic block machine , in the market you can find equipment with very basic functions that have an approximate cost of $ 20,000 or what would be equal to $ 1000 USD

If you are looking for a model with more professional functions and greater production capacity, the price varies between $ 60,000 to $80000  or $ 3,000 USD and $ 500,000   or $ 25,000 USD .

You also have the option of acquiring used blocking machines, which many manufacturers offer you for a lower cost, but you run the risk of them not working correctly, so our recommendation is that you always seek to acquire a new machine.

Types of Block Machines

Currently there are different types of machines for making Concrete paver and block, from static machines to laying machines. But in general, there are four machine models that you can find on the market and they are as follows:

Manual Block Machines : They are machines that are operated manually by using levers and a motor with an on / off button.
Hydraulic Block Machines : This type of machine uses a hydraulic system that facilitates the block manufacturing process.
Semi-Automatic Block Machines : These machines replace the levers with a system that can be hydraulic or pneumatic, this depending on the model and manufacturer.
Automatic Block Machines : They are controlled entirely by programmable devices.

Golden Steel Mills, SA was born with an exporting vocation, analyzing the specific needs of each geographical area and manufacturing machines adapted to both the different types of parts and the necessary production volumes.

We attend the most important fairs in the sector, national and international, to present the latest designs and technical innovations.

For this reason, we are present in more than 54 countries on 5 continents and we continue to work to increase our presence in the world.

Our experience guarantees in all projects the power to supply the most suitable machine or installation for each client.


At Golden Steel Mills we care about the global future, seeking the energy efficiency of our products, social development and respect for the environment.

Gsm Block machine Progress

We prioritize the quality of our machines, betting on the most modern techniques , which save resources and time. We work with the most advanced technology, thanks to constant research and development.


Gsm Environment

We are more than a company, we consider ourselves a family. We invest and train our team, encouraging their active participation. We believe in people and that is why we support the new generations , promoting integration between people.
The good work environment is transmitted to our stakeholders and they are the key to our growth.

Gsm The Truth

We strive daily to make our machines more efficient . Thanks to our R&D department, we work to save energy and optimize resources, reducing the environmental impact of the facilities, while increasing the profitability of our clients.


We are a transparent company and we seek the economic satisfaction of our client and all the agents involved. We personalize all our proposals, and we adapt to any environment, respecting their processes and means.

Likewise, we collaborate with local companies in the manufacture of our machines and actively participate in the development of our environment. At Golden Steel Mills, we grow with our people and contribute to different local initiatives.

Block Machine For Precast Block

Golden Steel Mills has been a manufacturer of Compacts installations and blocking machines since the 1995s. These concrete machines have always been characterized by their robust construction and their excellent production and profitability qualities.

Following this tradition, current equipment also incorporates cutting-edge technologies to achieve high-production concrete machinery with the quality demanded by the construction market and minimal maintenance.

We offer a wide range of possibilities for the Client, who can choose from a small production plant on site, to fully automated block machine circuits to cover large market areas. In this dynamic, we can offer you all kinds of solutions and machine automation to manufacture blocks that minimize the labor factor.

Concrete Plant For Concrete Mixing

  • Different production capacities depending on the Press or installed equipment.
  • Planetary and double planetary mixers to achieve perfectly homogeneous concrete.
  • Discharge gate of the hydraulic, pneumatic or manual mixer, on request.
  • Personalized design and adapted to the needs of each project.

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